Tilting Desktops

kids desk with tilting desktop

The perfect posture for any activities

Tiltable desktop
All our desks come with a user-friendly tilting function (telescopic arms) on the desktop - to guarantee the ergonomically correct posture when drawing, writing or reading. The desktops are continuously adjustable up to 20°; adjusting them is child's play, as the adjustment process is assisted by two springs in the desktop. Pulling on the handle under the drawer lowers it from
any position.

The patented system permits continuous adjustment which is easy and safe for children to operate. There are brakes built in to ensure the top can be raised and lowered safely. The design is intended to prevent the fingers being trapped. To stop anything falling out when the top is being tilted, each compartment has an anti-slip ledge. So: simple, made for children and safe.

Child-appropriate safety
The springloaded desktops lower slowly and with control.

Whether reading, writing or painting, there is an optimum sitting posture, ergonomically speaking, for every activity, and this can be achieved by suitably tilting the top of the desk. The flexibly tiltable desk tops on moll writing desks ensure that no matter what the activity is, the children can sit relaxed in a position which is easy on the spine.

Recommended angles for optimum posture
0-5° for painting and similar activities
about 10° for writing work and
about 20° for reading