Moll Quality

moll made in Germany



Made in Germany
moll products are made exclusively in Germany, designed and manufactured according to high quality and safety standards.
moll east to assemble   Easy to assemble
Each product contains exhaustive assembly instructions which offer an illustrated, step-by-step explanation of the assembly process in order to keep assembly time to a minimum.
moll 5 year warranty   5 Year Quality Guarantee
If a fault is discovered during the warranty period, in particular faults in the design, condition or functional capacity of the product, moll .will replace the faulty parts free-of-charge against the return of the faulty parts.
moll red dot award   Red Dot Design Award
We are the leaders in the development of height-adjustable and ergonomic desks, and our innovative designs and clever, well thought-out functions ensure that our programmes are always state-of-the-art in research and technology. This is confirmed by the numerous awards our products have received, such as the internationally renowned Red Dot Design Award 2012 for our Champion desk.
moll stiftung warentest   Stiftung Warentest
‘Stiftung Warentest‘ also gives us top marks.
    Best for the environment
Harmful substances? Emissions from desktops? Not with a moll desk.Guaranteed.
    Best re-sale value
moll desks last so long that they will not only accompany your children all the way through to the end of their education, but other users as well. They also hold their value, which is evident from the re-sale value.

Best moll quality

Moll Quality

Melamin resin-coated low emission E1 chipboard.

Heavy-duty robust material, surfaces protected with epoxy resin.

Ideal for complex shapes and functions; light, yet extremely sturdy.

Reduced weight, flexibly formable and exudes a natural appearance.

Cast zinc
Malleable material that facilitates creativity in construction and design.

Strong & Safe

All the furniture is constructed specifically for children and teenagers. We considered how they handle furniture, and accordingly made our furniture extra strong and safe.

Rounded corners and edges, adaptations in soft plastic and soft edges on the desktops ensure that the furniture is safe for children.