Side panels Champion: medium-density fiberboard lacquered or solid wood

Decors Winner and Joker: Surface with melamine resin-decorative coating

Chipboard: Melamine resin-coated surface.

MDF boards: varnished.

Wood materials according to / EN 312 / and /vEN 14322: Class E1. According to testing method EN 120, based on current knowledge, ensures that normal, appropriate use will cause no harm or health damage.

Decorative surfaces: tested for wear resistance, stain resistance, scratch resistance, impact stress and burning cigarette ash according to EN 14322.

Solid wood panels: made of birch, beech, oak or walnut — varnished or oiled. Tested according to DIN EN 13353 and DIN EN 13017-2.

FSC certified: Solid wood as natural raw material from sustainable forestry, tested according to DIN EN 13353 and DIN EN 13017-2.

ABS edges: Thermoplastic material with excellent material and usage properties. Impact resistant, highly resistant to mechanical and thermal stress.

Color pigment and cover varnish system: UV-curable lacquers, water-based and therefore highly environmentally friendly. Tested and certified according to RAL UZ 38.



Material: 100 % flame-resistant polyester.

Pigments: contain no heavy metals.

Environmental: Made of 100% recycled polyester. Environmentally friendly and inspected for pollutants according to Oeko-Tex® standard 100.

Weight: 260 g/m 2 ± 5 %

Rub resistance: 50,000 Martindale rub count.

Fire resistance: BS 476 Part 7 Class / BS 476 Part 7 Class 0.

Lightfastness: 6 (ISO 105 - B02:2013) tested according to BS 2543:1995 / 2004.

Friction resistance: Wet: 4, Dry: 4 tested according to BS 2543:1995 / 2004.

Cleaning: Vacuum regularly. When dirty, wipe with a damp cloth or gentle warm wash (40°C, 104°F) on Gentle using mild detergent.
Please follow the care instructions on the label.