Non-glare Illumination

Mobilight - non-glare desk lighting

The best light for any position

What good is an ergonomically correct desk to a child if there is a need to stretch to be in the light, or to hide from the shadow? None. That's why we developed our clever Mobilight. A light with clever swivel joints and a 90° reflector. The reflector keeps shadows away from the desk. Of course, the Mobilight can be fitted for right- or left-handed people.
Thanks to the patented base, the light is easy to attach to the desk and moved as required.


Flexlight - non-glare desk lighting

Natural Lighting

Natural light should always take priority over artificial light. Adequate basic lighting in the entire room is fundamental — from ceiling lamps, or ideally daylight. To ease the eyes, the desk should be placed in the room to allow the eyes to wander into the distance occasionally. A window position is ideal for this. For optimal reading at the desk, an additional 500-lux light is recommended. Glare-free desk lamps, such as Flexlight or Mobilight provide optimal reading comfort here. Light sources should be positioned in such a way that objects and even the user will not through shadows onto the work area. If a moll desk lamp is mounted directly on the desktop, the light follows the work if the panel is tilted. With clamp feet, Flexlight and Mobilight easily attach at the position required. moll desk lamps provide flat illumination of the entire workplace, creating optimal lighting conditions for all activities at the desk.