Growing with Children

moll kids furniture grows with the children

Children grow — moll grows with them

As children grow, their tastes change, as do their spatial, functional and working needs. This is why moll builds functional furniture with a system. It offers a solid basis now and for the future. To support healthy development, since 1925 we have taken children’s workspaces in the right direction. “Move, don’t sit,” is our motto for helping children to a healthy back.

Naturally, when children are growing, we focus on the right size, function and quality of their clothing, shoes and toys. This is especially important when configuring their workspace, which will be used for a longer time. Children need desks and chairs that custom adjust to the ergonomics of the body in every phase of development. The patented Comfort height adjustment in the feet continuously adjusts the desk height to crucially contribute to the desk’s outstanding ergonomics. This is unique, and a typical patented innovation from moll. With the integrated yo-yo device in the Comfort feet, even children’s hands can adapt the cable control safely and easily. The yo-yo device comes in accent colors to match the child’s taste and can easily be stowed separately.

moll furniture can be matched to the actual body size and proportions of children and are thus good for their backs at all stages. While with desks it is most important that the height is right, in chairs, it is the adjustment of the backrest and depth of the seat. For the right desk and chair adjustment download height chart here.

More is demanded of our school children today than at any other time in history, and the same applies to the ergonomics of their work space.
Many children only have the kitchen table - or even the floor to work at or on. Not only do their backs and eyes suffer, but it's also bad news for their concentration - and their enthusiasm for work. Adults simply wouldn't be allowed to work under these conditions. So when you are buying a child's desk, chair and light, make sure you get the ergonomics right.
Prof. Dr. Erich Schmidt, chairman of the forum "Gesunder Rücken - besser leben e.V." (Healthy back - better living association)