Don't Just Sit Still

Sit Stand Desks for Kids

It is simply not in a child's nature to sit for long periods of time - although that is exactly what they have to do at school or when doing their homework. However, children who spend increasing amounts of time at a computer automatically spend more time sitting.

Which is why moll makes fully adjustable desks and chairs for children that enable them to sit ergonomically. moll work with experts in the field of child ergonomics to develop working areas for children which are based on the latest scientific findings.

We also advise all parents to make sure that their children get plenty of exercise, ideally outside. After all, even the best seat can only be "healthy" if the child using it also gets enough physical activity to achieve a good balance.

Chairs that have been specially developed by moll for children encourage some movement while making sure the chair cannot tip back. Seats and backrests adapt perfectly to the child's natural physical requirements.

Download the "Healthy Learning with moll" information here.